Puerto Princesa - The City In A Forest!

Puerto Princesa is a city in a forest! The moment a visitor  deplane from the airport,  one could see  the richness, bountiful and   green lashes of the great  place called Palawan. The presence of acacia trees and kasoy trees will welcome and embrace you and indeed  validate its own crowned title. A tourist will be  fascinated by the beauty and serenity of nature surrounding  the city. Salutation to the people of Palawan and the stewardship of its mayor, Hon. Hagedorn for implementing strict cleanliness and promoting clean and green program. Tourists will be warned not to litter. Violation of the city ordinance will be dealt with accordingly. Nobody could deny the presence of thousand  trees that make the area green. Palawan is a  place close to  Mother Nature. There is no other  place one could see in the Philippines except Palawan  where forest seats within its jurisdiction. No wonder it is a city in a forest!!!