When in Cebu you cannot help but enjoy the beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants and fantastic hotels. But please, keep your eyes open for the situation many many residents find themselves in. Poverty is rife in Cebu. As you travel from the airport to Cebu island an astute observer will see slums on either side of the bridge. These are just a few of the many slum areas in Cebu where thousands and thousands live in squalor. These same people will be serving you in the hotels, restaurants and shops. Their children willl be begging you for money on the side of the road or digging through garbage to help support their families. It won't hurt you to give the taxi driver or the maid a tip - but you can change their life substantially!! Perhaps you may get the opportunity to visit one of these not-so-pretty areas (but only with a safe escort who knows what he/she is doing.

PS If you like fireworks, Cebu is the place to be on New Years Eve, but be very careful!!

Below: a little girl in her house in a rubbish dump.