Here is a simple way of touring Singapore.

An excellent way of taking in the sights of Singapore is to take bus route number 30

First, get the Singapore tourist pass or the ezlink card.  You are now ready for the public bus tour!  

Take the MRT to Bedok Station. You will see a bus interchange nearby.  That is Bedok Interchange, which is where you get bus number 30. Before catching the bus, you may want to sample the local food at the food centre or at any of the shops. See how the locals get about their daily lives! It is also a great time to do your shopping at the nearby shops.

Once you are done, proceed to the bus interchange and at one end is the queue for route 30.  The bus leaves once every 10 minutes. Get the bus and get on the upper deck. Ideally, you should board the bus after sunset, at approximately 7 pm. Sit at the front of the bus. The sights along this route are both on the left and right.

As the bus begins its journey, you can note is how the type of buildings vary. You'll see houses, apartment blocks, bustling food centres and all sorts of restaurants by the street. Along the way, you will pass by the Old Airport Road food centre, near Dakota MRT, which is also popular with Singaporeans. 

Approximately 20 minutes after leaving Bedok Interchange, the bus will now leave the city roads and enter the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE). Along this section of the journey, there are no stops. It no longer go on the Benjamin Shears bridge.

The bus then leaves the expressway and goes past the Tanjong Pagar Railway station (on your right), built in the 1920s. Trains to Malaysia will no longer depart from this station as of July 2011. On your left is the Singapore port. 

Soon, you reach Vivocity, one of the largest shopping centres in Singapore. This is where you should get off.  In all, you would have spent 40 minutes on the bus. It will now be an ideal time to take a walk by the sea or do more shopping. Harbourfront Centre, beside Vivocity, is not as crowded, and where you will find inexpensive food courts to have your dinner. Catch the MRT back to your hotel via Harbourfront MRT, or make use of the many bus routes available there. 

You may also do this trip in reverse. Begin at Harbourfront MRT. You may first choose to walk up Mount Faber via the flight of stairs near the MRT entrance (it is called the Marang Trail). At the top, you will get an excellent view of the harbour. Once you are back down the hill, sample the local food at the Seah Im Food Centre before you go. You are ready for your trip to Bedok MRT on route 30. As before, begin this bus journey after sunset.