The Falklands have their own word for a tea-break which they call a smoko.

Diddle-dee Jam

You can buy diddle dee jam from Falklands shops and some accommodation providers will be able to point you in the direction of this unusual bitter-sweet Falklands delicacy.

FIGAS – the plane taxi

If you are planning to visit the outer islands like Bleaker, Carcass, Weddell or Sea Lion then you have to travel by FIGAS – unless you are coming to the Falklands via cruise or expedition vessel.

The Falkland Islands Government operates a fleet of small aircraft to ensure that goods and people can travel between the outer islands and the main islands of East and West Falkland. Tourists must book tickets through FIGAS ( in advance to ensure a space as everything that needs to go between islands – from sheep dogs to the normal post – will travel too! If your time is limited, you might be able to get a “round robin” flight and get the best seat – next to the pilot. The “round robin” is a day trip round to wherever the plane is going.

There is a strict weight limit for people’s luggage (20kg) and tickets can cost anything from £30 to £120 for a single journey but it really is one of the best ways to see a lot of the main islands. You can pay by cash or credit card for your flight(s).

Multi-coloured houses in Stanley

The houses and buildings at Stanley waterfront are instantly recognisable due to their bright colours and iron roofs.

The world’s most southerly marathon

Every March, the Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon takes place. Known for being a tough course due to terrain and wind speeds – international and local runners all compete for the £1100 1st place prize in the men’s and women’s events. It’s a high-spirit event to take part in but just as good fun to watch also.