Bring a Spanish handbook. You might think you can get by on your English, but you would be wrong! Many people understand some English but few speak much. Unless you understand more than basic Spanish words and phrases the bring a book or app for assistance. In Santiago, it is easier; there you can find some locals who speak a little English.

Chile is a wonderful country, modern with first class infrastructure and the most prosperous in Latin America. The people are friendly but it is not cheap. Chile is not tropical but temperate. The climate in Central and Northern Chile is good, and in the summer in the South too. Within hour's drive of Santiago you can be in the Andes or on the Pacific coast. Chile offers an imcredible variety of outdoor activities and there are well organised providers of camping, hiking, biking, hot spring bathing,  skiing (during the right season), surfing and the list continues!

On the whole Chile is very secure, but do be aware of pickpockets, particularly in downtown Santiago and in Valparaiso.

Chile is unfairly said not to have good food and restaurants. This is not true. There are excellent local dishes and the seafood is world class. the wine is amongst the best to be found and the local cocktail, the pisco sour is rivalled only by its Peruvian cousin. In recent years there has been an explosive growth of small breweries.

The best time to visit is either Spring - September to November or Autumn - March to May. The summer months late December, January and February are the period of vacations not only in Chile, itself, but also in Argentina and Brazil and Chile is one of their favourite vacation spots. So, although the weather is good and everything is open, it can also be very crowded.