Santiago’s airport for domestic and international flights is Arturo Merino Benítez , which is located approximately 17 kilometers northwest of downtown.  Public transportation to and from the airport is either by taxi, minibus or airport bus.

Official taxis are marked blue with official identification. The cost of a taxi to get to town is approximately 13,000 CLP (Chilean pesos); this is the most expensive way to go.  Taxis can be picked up outside the airport’s terminal buildings or at several desks in the terminal where a pre-payment scheme is in operation.

Minibuses or airport vans offer door-to-door service throughout downtown Santiago.  Two major companies operate this service: TransVip and TransCity, whose representatives are stationed throughout the terminal.  Tickets can be purchased inside the baggage claim area and the price is approximately 4,500 CLP.   Minibuses are less expensive than taxi cabs, but they take longer since they make stops along the way.

You can hire airport transportation in Santiago or check the online the public transportation.

Airport buses offer the least expensive ride.  The two companies that operate this service are Centro Puerto (departing every 10 minutes) and Tour Express (departing every 30 minutes). The Centro Puerto stops at the Los Heroes Bus Terminal and the Tour Express stops at the Alameda Bus Terminal.  Travel time is approximately 30 minutes. Buses run from 6 am until 11:30 pm. One-way ticket costs 1,500 CLP, while round trip - 2,900 CLP. It can be purchased at the driver.

ATMs are available on the 1st floor where there is a branch of Banco Santander, use the lift and on exit turn left and keep walking to almost the end of the terminal. There are further ATMS on the 2nd floor (departures), again use the lift and you will find the ATMs very close to the exit of the lifts. 

In Santiago, you can check online the ATM's working here.

In 2007 Holiday Inn opened its doors as the first and only on site hotel at the airport. The Hotel Diego de Almagro is five minutes away and offers a free shuttle service. You can get to almost any part of Santiago in 30-40 minutes by taxi, so lodging near the airport is not as necessary as in some cities.

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For citizens of some countries (e.g. Australia and Mexico), there is a reciprocity fee which is only charged if arriving at the airport in Santiago. U.S. and Canadian citizens NO LONGER PAY RECIPROCITY FEES effective February 2014 and December 2014, respectively (verified with airport website). There is a place for paying the fee at the bottom of the stairs/escalator before passport control. You can pay in dollars cash or by credit card, but have the cash handy in case of problems in the system. All bills should be in good condition. A receipt will be stapled in the back of your passport. This is valid for the life of the passport. As this fee occasionally changes due to changes in the fees charged to Chileans for visas, get fresh information before you travel.

Airport taxes are usually included in your ticket, with the exception of RTW tickets. The amount in Santiago varies according to the distance you are going and whether it is a national or international flight. The highest amount would be US $30 for a long distance international flights. This can be paid in local currency, with a credit card or in dollars.