Biking around Santiago

Santiago is an ideal city to get to know by bike. One company that leads guided tours by bicycle to different points of the city is (English version). La Bicicleta Verde is another tour company to consider. They are a bilingual company with two tours per day at 9:30am and 2:30pm for about 3 hours. The morning tour is more cultural and the afternoon more political and historial. They have some beautiful 1970 bright green beach cruiser single speed bikes, and the tour is fairly easy pedaling.

Riding a bike in Santiago is nice, as the city which seems so large by car takes on a much more human scale, especially since you can cover some of the beautiful old neighbourhoods at a speed in between slow walking where you can't get everywhere you want to go (Brasil neighbourhood in the old section is a good example) and the impersonal car tour.

Try a bike ride up up the Parque Metropolitano San Cristobal (San Cristobal for short), which has perfect pavement, careful drivers, and on weekday mornings, stunningly few other joggers or cyclists for all it offers: a view to kill for (Andes and the city).  Jogging is great and there are many dirt trails through the woods. If you are a real early bird, you may spook the rabbits on the trails.

Something worth checking out while in Santiago: Andres Bello or Costanera, the treelined main street along the river and the park in Providencia now closes on Sundays for bikes and walkers. Must be enjoyed.