If you would like to go to Ecuador , it is a good idea to travel by car because it is a comfortable possibility to discover interesting places which are no easy to reach with public transportation. The network of the countryside routes in Ecuador has significantly improved in the last years. The completely paved Panamericana is generally in very good condition. A toll fee has to be paid on this road. .  The drivers' license issued by your country of residence is sufficient.  No international drivers' license is required to drive a car or motorcycle in Ecuador.

The traffic regulations generally conform to the international standard, but the locals often do not apply them strictly. Therefore you should pay attention to the road traffic. Petrol is economically priced in Ecuador (1,50 - 2,00 $ per gallon / 0,40 - 0,55 $ per litre), see current petrol prices Attention: Driving in the mountains the petrol consumption increases a lot since you will be using more power to climb higher – up to more than 15 litres / 100 km. Be sure to fill your tank regularly and possibly take a reserve canister with you.  Although there are gas stations located throughout the country so the canister is really not required.

Many routes are in good condition but there are also gravel and dirt roads for which an all-terrain vehicle is advisable. This especially is important in the rain season (from January to May on the coast on the western cliffs of the Andes, from November to May in the Sierra, the main Andes area). For this reason, you should travel well informed about the way you go.

Not all car categories are practical for all roads in Ecuador . This is why you should take a good map with you (e.g. the Ecuador & Galapagos Waterproof Road Map from World Mapping Project) and inform yourself furthermore before your trip about road conditions, estimated travel time and distance.  Or consider renting a motorcycle or car that is capable of riding on or off-road.

The bus system is good and inexpensive. In the Andes, roads are twisty and hilly. Many people are better off not driving in Ecuador. Or consider hiring a driver with his car for $80.00 day plus $10.00 for his food.