In planning trip costs for travel to Ecuador, it is important to remember that there is an essentially two-tiered pricing system.  By far the less expensive tier is that which applies to the locals.  If you eat, stay and/or shop in local places that aren't tourist-oriented, and with prices clearly marked, you can travel very cheaply.  Some of these places, particularly hotels, can seem a little rough and basic but are generally well-run and decent.  Refer to guidebooks for recommendations.

Now for the upper tier.  If you do any of these things with tourist-oriented businesses you can expect to pay rather a lot, sometimes even as much as in high-end establishments in the States and Europe.  Often prices, especially taxes, aren't clearly communicated.  For instance, in your nice hotel a drink may cost up to $10, a dinner $50 per person without wine.  A drive in a taxi may cost $6, but the same ride in the hotel shuttle may cost more than $30.  You will pay an amazing $80 for a 1 1/2 hour drive from Quito to Otovalo in the hotel van.  If you are out touring with a driver or guide, he will take you to lunch to a tourist-only place, no prices on the menu, where you will buy his meal and spend $40 a head in addition to his base charge.  If you are in a package deal, such as a stay in an Amazonian lodge, you will have no alternative but pay the rather high add-on prices.  Many hotels charge for using their computer terminals, and charge for a whole variety of other little things...very little is "complementary."  Your stay at a $120 per night hotel will, with all the taxes and add-ons, meals and some drinks, easily cost you twice as much.

 So don't think you are going to have an inexpensive vacation in Ecuador.