While Ecuador is considered one of the safest countries in the Andean region, it's always smart to use caution when traveling in any larger city like Quito. Beware of pickpockets in the evenings, especially in darker areas like around the parks and crowded market areas in the south of the town. Trolley stations are also appealing to pickpockets. The main tourist area of town, and thus more of a destination for pickpockets and robbers eager to prey on visitors, is the Mariscal district. If you are in bars until late at night, plan on calling a taxi for a ride home, especially if you are on Reina Victoria, Foch, or 6 de Diciembre streets. Take taxis between stops as well. Furthermore, the winged angel monument at the top of Panecillo is marred by robbers/pickpockets waiting for visitors to climb the steep incline. Take a taxi to the top or take extra precaution. Contact the Policia de Turismo at Reina Victoria and Roca or tel. 02/2543-983 (101 in an emergency) to report any crimes, though don't expect the rampant pickpocketing problem to be solved anytime soon.

As in any big city, walk down the middle of streets at night with your head held high like you know where you're going, make copies of important documents and leave them with friends/family at home or with your hotel, and always travel in a group, especially at night. Quito's inexpensive transportation means you won't pay an arm and a leg to feel--and be--safe.