Lima, Peru has a big  openly-gay community for a city of nearly 9 million people and many gays are well and truly out of the closet. The gay scene in Lima is so well-hidden that at first sight it appears there is no gay community there at all. Lima has become a little more liberal in the last few years but, bear in mind that Peru generally still has a macho and conservative culture, which makes the gay community more interesting.

The gay rights movement in Peru has grown to huge numbers and people flock the streets during the "orgullo gay march" in June.  Their actual president of Peru, Ollanta Humala has openly defended gay rights in Peru, although it's not been approved yet, it's just the same as the United States .  In the meantime, homosexuality continues to be viewed not so negatively, so most Peruvians adjust their behavior accordingly and keep a low profile in public.

There are websites on gay Peru like: GayPeru Travel, There are also some English-language websites like Gay Lima Guide with the intention that gay and lesbian travelers new to Lima don't waste their time or put themselves at risk in worthless or undesirable places.

Most gay visitors to Peru now spend from 2 days to 4 days in Lima before leaving to discover the rest of the country and this guide directs you straight to the best spots (and maybe can encourage you to spend a little longer in this fascinating city).

If you are planning to visit Peru, and specifically Lima and Cusco, there are many web sites.  Check the First Gay,  outside the Country of Peru with offices in Lima and Cusc; has its location and offices of operation  in the City of Orlando, which give your the confidence and security other companies cant offer.  All with a great sense of style, security, professionalism and confidentiality, offering different type of tours to suit better their clients.

There is a option to be taken to the discotecks (discotekas) as there plenty now, and many offer gay live shows. The strippers take it all off, which is something that you no longer see in the States.  In some cases they will suggest escorts services just make sure that they are all registered and have they Health Card on hand.

If you are in Lima and you are looking for a translator/guide; English-Spanish-Portuguese and Hindi is spoken, also Spanish lessons are given, survival Spanish as well.  If you need English spoken, there are many traducers nowadays, Perú has exploded in the past 10 years and everything about traveling has changed for the better.  There are also many hostels and small gay hotels; a lot of them inexpensive.  But if your are a savvy traveler, an all gay tour that includes everything from hotel rooms, breakfast  and tours to the cities and saunas, bars then go with what is already fixed.

If you are going to Northern Peru there is a Gay B&B / Hotel in Colan Piura.  It is on the beach. All male staff, amazing chef.