While traveling in Peru, you need to keep a careful watch around you at all times. There is not necessarily an immediate threat to you, but you should always be watching out for pick pocketers and thieves. These are some of the most common that can happen to tourists in Lima. You would be walking around a very public and crowded area, maybe a market, or the Plaza de Armas, and all of a sudden a small child comes up and asks you for some money. The next thing you know your wallet is gone. Whether it is a small child or an accomplice they have, they are very skilled at what they do, and they can take your money before you know what happened. Do not leave your camera or wallet out on a table at a cafe. Many restaurants and cafes offer a lock safety device at their tables, use themDo not walk down dark alleys by yourself, or if you do not know the area well. You should never just leave your camera hung around your neck, and try to blend in as much as possible. The crowded markets are where you are most likely to be targeted, so keep a watch on your things. Try not to get people get to close to you or rub up on you. If anything does happen, go to the police, or if it is truly serious, go to your Embassy or Consulate. You should definitely try to learn a few key phrases in Spanish before you go, if not to help yourself get by, then at least to make the locals think you can speak the language, and thus make you a more conscientious traveler who can keep eye on your things.

Upon arrival to Lima airport, if you do not have a pick up service, hire a Taxi Green from the counter, do not grab just any taxi. Taxis in Peru are mostly unofficial, so anybody can offer you a ride. Always book via your hotel or restaurant to ensure a safer ride. Taxis do not carry taximeters, so the cost of the ride has to be agreed beforehand.