The weather in Lima is not glamorous for any traveler. Though it does not rain in this coastal arid region, Lima is plagued by a thick, gray fog called the garua that hangs constantly over the city from June through December of the year. This is a shame since without the ubiquitous fog, the city can have breathtaking views of the ocean. Even more ironically, right outside the city, the coastal weather is clearer and more temperate (this explains why the beaches around Lima are very popular among the locals).
  Lima tends to be rather humid and warm all year long. January through to March, Lima experiences warm temperatures averaging around 70 to 80 degrees during the day but high humidity can make the heat feel very uncomfortable. Travelers should pack loose, cotton clothing if traveling during this time. Between March and April, the afternoon humidity fizzles a bit, the temperatures average 60s to 80s, and sometimes the sun will peek in. Travelers may appreciate a sweater during the nights. From December to April, the sun finally comes out and the temperature rests at a satisfying mid-70s to lower 80s. This is the best time to visit Lima in fact, when the weather is mild and the sun is out. Regardless, since the weather is rather consistent, travelers can plan to visit Lima without worrying about a huge variation in weather patterns.