Internet Services

Fiji's connection to the Internet is good in some places, but patchy in some of the more remote islands or no service at all. There are wi-fi hot spots in various locations. Using skype and other services is quite viable provided the hotel/resort has a reasonable connection.

For visitors, most Hotels have Internet Kiosks and there are a wide range of Internet Cafe's. Wi-Fi Internet Services are getting popular in Suva, Nadi and Port Denarau. For Sailors, there are limited facilities in most Marina's however Wi-Fi services are slowly becoming popular (Vuda Marina for example). Fiji Airports have full Wi-Fi service across the terminals.

If travellers have a smartphone, iphone, laptop, or ipad with them, they can buy a prepay plan with Vodafone Fiji or with Digicel Fiji.  Ensure the phone is "unlocked" from another carrier.


These vary depending on where you want to use the services. Be aware that Fiji is still expensive to offer Internet services so don't be surprised if there are rates such as $10 / hour being touted. 

Hotels - Free to $50 / day

Backpacker Lodgings - around $10/hr

Internet Cafe's - around $5 / hr (usual full facilities)

Coffee Shops - Free to $10 / hr

Prepay Internet Plan via Vodafone or Digicel - you may buy a sim card (or sim+USB dongle package), fit it to your smartphones, iphones, ipads, laptops, then be able to surf the Internet anytime you want maybe at lower cost. For example $15 can get you 500MB of traffic - fairly decent amount if you only do emails and check websites. At Nadi aiport's arrival hall there's outlets. If you have time, make you can get your devices setup properly before leaving the store.

Both Digicel and Vodafone offer promotional pre-paid data bundles. For example Vodafone's $1.99 day pass for 350MB for a day or $5.99 weekly pass for 650MB of data. 

To purchase a pre-paid data bundle on Vodafone dail, *555# OR *777# and follow the prompts on the screen.  

Wi-Fi Service Providers


A Wi-Fi service provider in Hotels, Marinas and Coffee shops with rates from $9 / hr

Global Gossip

A Wi-Fi and Cable service provider in Hotels with rates from $10 / hr

Intertouch DoCoMo

Hotel Services at rates from $40 / day


Vodafone Fiji

Not all outer islands have 3G, especially up in some of the remote islands in the Yasawas. However most of the main centers have 4G such as Nadi, Suva, Lautoka and Denarau.

Digicel Fiji

Also a good service provider. Check the coverage areas and locations for stores on their websites.

Sim cards are available for iphones and ipads

Connect from Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)

This provider is the permanent connection provider in Fiji and sells Internet connections on a long term basis