Recommended Items to take when visiting Fiji:

Whatever you do don't forget travel insurance.  There have been quite a few instances recently where people with genuine reason have had to cancel their travel or have had the misfortune to have goods lost or stolen or suffered an  accident or illness and received no refund.  It is not the responsibility of the provider to cover you for any untoward misfortune .  Even if you have never had to use it,  are you prepared to gamble with fate and not travel without it.  Travel safe and take out travel insurance before you go.


1. Suntan lotion high SP. The sun can be brutal.  You will need lots of it as you will be re-applying it every few hours.  Suntan lotion is very expensive to buy in Fiji. To help protect the Reefs of Fiji make sure you use only a certified sun protection product that is safe for the Reefs.

2. Bug spray, if not supplied by the resort. Better off take it and not need it. Will be pricey should you need to buy it. Tropical strength insect repellant, tropical aeroguard or bushmans is good. Be aware that Deet (found in some insect repellants) and suntan products should not be used together as it  is a toxic mix.

3. Bandaids, anti-itch spray for bites, antibiotic cream for cuts. Coral or other cuts can cause serious infection and take a lot of time to heal, waterproof bandaids, alcohol or hydro-peroxide for cleaning cuts, aspirin and any other medicines you think your might need, something for an upset stomach like Imodium, stemitil and rehydration electrolyte, as you may be eating food or water other than you are used to.  Drink bottled water to be safe. Again, will cost an arm and leg should you need to buy these things in Fiji. 

4. Camera and/or underwater camera. Too many amazing things to see. Be sure to take extra memory cards unless taking a laptop computer to store photos.  You could also use a disposable underwater camera.

5. Laptop computer will allow you to download pictures every day and listen to music when in your bure. Also take a couple of DVD's for entertainment on a rainy day.

6. Mask, anti-fog gel, and snorkel. Masks at the resorts can be scratched due to use and may not fit well. Nothing worse than a leaky mask. Even though the snorkels are cleaned by the resort, there is just something about knowing no one else has used it.  Some resorts also charge for use of snorkelling equipment.

7. If planning to visit a village/school take some school supplies. It is not required. Anything you take will be greatly appreciated. Suggested items include pens, pencils, rulers, colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, books, maps, clothes, toothbrushes, reusable shopping bags, first aid kits, blowup globes of the world. For the teachers: flash cards, chalk, and stickers to put on papers for a job well done. If you can, purchase souvenirs at the village as the money goes directly to support the village/school. If you choose you can also donate money allowing the village/school to purchase needed supplies that they  really need.  Donating also  frees up space in your bag a consideration if you are taking an internal flight with  weight restrictions less than an internation flight allowanace.  Besides necessities, take something fun for the children: funky sunglasses, blow horns, kites, firsbies, yo yo's, balloons, jump ropes, balls, and post cards of where you live. The children enjoy seeing another part of the world. Diabetes is high in Fiji, and dental care hard to come by ( especially on the outer islands) PLEASE NO CANDY/LOLLIES. etc. The kids may love them but you are putting them at risk.

When visiting a village or church, women must have their shoulders and knees covered. You need to be invited to a village you can't turn up unannounced ask your guide if sunglasses need to be taken off and hats worn by both men and women are to be taken off before entering. Do not touch children or anyone else on the head.

8. Drinks at the resorts can be pricey. Take the amount of alcohol you are allowed to bring by customs for having drinks in your room/bure. Most resorts will not allow you to take your own drinks into the dining room. Some resorts allow wine, but charge a corkage fee.

You can also purchase spirits at the duty free shop in Nadi after clearing Customs. If you prefer a certain brand of wine, whiskey, gin, etc. you might consider taking it from home. Check with the resort you are going to re drinking water before you go, some resorts provide drining water but if not  pick up some bottled water a at a supermarket in Fiji,  this can be expensive at the resorts.  The water at most of the resorts is fine to drink, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  Nothing will ruin a holiday faster than an upset tummy.

9. If coming from the U.S., use TSA locks on your checked luggage. If your bags are opened you will find a note inside saying so. Any other locks may be cut off.

10. If coming from Canada or the U.S., you will need a power converter from 220 to 110 with a plug adapter angled for Australia for charging laptop, camera batteries, etc. (Note:  Most modern laptops, cameras and other devices with chargeable batteries accept power inputs that range from 110v-220v and donot require a power converter. Check your device’s label on the transformer for the power input requirements if you are unsure.)

11. Small power strip for charging more than one battery at the same time.

12. Other suggested items: Travel clock, flashlight/torch, clothes line and pegs, laundry detergent, zip lock bags or sealed container for storing food, larger bags for swimsuits, reef/water shoes, and citronella candles, for hiking tennis or hiking shoes.

13. Pack a change of clothes and your swimsuit in your carryon bag, if flying to the outer islands. If the flight is full, there is a chance all your luggage may not make the flight with you. Better off to be safe than sorry.

14. All food items brought from home must be unopened and declared. Cereal is very expensive, so your could bring your own and hard to find full cream milk, if you want to bring that and maybe even your favourite coffee and spreads

15. To alleviate any problems that might arise on checkout, notify your bank/credit card company the dates you will be in Fiji, and to expect charges. There have been instances where guests charges have been questioned. It finally got sorted, but was time consuming, and very stressful. Also take e-mails, or other correspondence with resorts or travel agents with what has been paid for accommodations, tours, etc., and any complimentary spa treatments, tours included in your booking.

16. Bring a smile and  be prepared to realx and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer..