Fiji would have to be the ideal location for a romantic getaway.

  • secluded resorts including couples/honeymoon resorts
  • beautiful unspoilt nature including diving
  • all year exotic weather
  • scrumptious fresh food
  • the friendliest people

It's paradise.

However the one drawback would be that Fiji, price-wise, generally is a mid-range upwards location. You can do it on the cheap but generally speaking the majority of options are mid-range and above.

Top-end options are truly world class. If you can do a luxury honeymoon, don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed.

Fiji is well renown for it's stunning beaches, fantastic diving, unspoilt nature, and year round warm weather. That's not even the best part. It is how friendly Fijians are, it's unmatched anywhere in the world.

There would not be too many places around the that could do an exotic, secluded honeymoon better than Fiji. Certain resorts target the couples market, and therefore, have adults-only resorts to ensure privacy. If you have money to burn, and let's face it, your honeymoon is the definition of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then Fiji does luxury honeymoons exceptionally well.

Within these couples-only resorts, there's romantic activities to die for. One of the favourites would have to be the trip to a deserted atoll or beach for a champagne picnic for the day. That memory would last lifetime. Dinner on the beach, or next to a waterfall, or dinner on a pontoon on the ocean are all examples that some resorts offer. And by the way, food in Fiji is absolutely amazing. The reviews will tell you that.

The recommendation, for your honeymoon in Fiji, is to get to a couples-only resort, which means your 'bure' often right on the beach, will ensure absolutely privacy and seclusion. That by itself, is hard to beat.