The first place you can change money and get money is the airport when you arrive. There is an ATM on the left just as you leave Customs. ATM's however can only be relied upon the towns and cities, and big resorts.

For a list of ANZ ATM machines, see their website:

Westpac also list their's:  


Often times, resorts and restaurants in Fiji will add on a credit card charge (usually around 5%) for guests using credit cards for payments.

This used to be illegal (Fiji Times October 20, 2012 paper that states effective November 1, 2012 it isagainst the central banks rules to charge a fee and they could lose their rights to accept credit cards).  However, a new meeting on Oct 31, 2013 by the Reserve Bank of Fiji withdrew thier ruling.


"The Reserve Bank of Fiji Board at its meeting on 31 October 2013 resolved to withdraw its instruction to commercial banks regarding the Credit Card ‘No Surcharge Rule’ (NSR) that was initially issued on 13 September 2012. This decision is taken with immediate effect."