Across the border and into an absolute paradise called Fiji.

As a Canadian travelling to Fiji, you are in luck. Not only does Fiji's very own International Airline fly into this diamond in the South Pacific from Canada, it is also easier than ever before to experience Fiji.  Air Pacific, the International Airline has lift from Vancouver, BC four times a week.  From the very first moment you step onto the 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, you are greeted with an Air Pacific crew member dressed to define the beginning of your trip.  Enroute to Nadi, a quick stop is made in Honolulu, just enough to tease you onto your tropical adventure. 

Pulling into the Nadi airport, a very small and charming airport, the sounds of traditional Fijian music are played. You quickly show your passport to the customs officer and away you go.

Now for the goods: If you are planning on drinking liquor in your hotel rooms, make sure to stop at the duty free store prior to arriving into Fiji as the liquor is all imported and can be quite costly.  This goes the same for snackers!  If you are staying out in the Mamanucas, you will most likely have nothing but the resort to endulge your taste buds.  Make sure you pick up all the necissary snacks and drinks if you are on a budget. 

The two most important industries in Fiji are tourism and sugar cane. Driving on the main land of Fiji, you will notice sugar cane trains along the sides of the roads. Tourism is highly popular and attracts many Australian and New Zealanders, Americans and Canadians ad Japanese.

The small islands of Fiji is goverened by a Prime Minister and a President which in the past has caused much confustion and turmoil in the area. However, the politics have calmed since their latest cout and (as always), Fiji is a very safe and fun destination to be had by all.

Dont be surprised if you are asked by local villagers to take part in a very important ceremony, Kava.  The root of a local plant is dried in the sun and filtered through a teacloth for your enjoyment.  If you can imagine drinking cold tea, and getting buzzed, you will be fine.  In Fiji, Kava is very legal and very accepted. 

Most importantly, you will be amazed by Fiji's people.  Fijians are both of black background and East Indian and are quite possibly the most beautiful people on the face of the planet. No matter if you are staying in a two star or five star hotel, Fijians will make you stay fit for a king.

Fiji is a place not to be missed in your lifetime.