Land Lines

Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) is the sole provider of local and national (trunk) telephony services, and owns the only public switched telephone network in Fiji. They are part of the hge consortium which also has the local ISP,

 The country code is +679, and every number has 7 numbers like : ***-****. This is normally read out like the America way with 3 number followed by 4 numbers.

 Although there are no city codes as such, the first 3 numbers are the region. For example 336-**** is in Lami, 885-**** is Savusavu, 888-**** is Taveuni.

International direct dial is all over the country, all the resorts and hotels basically have it. The quality of line can be from excellent to down right awful, you never know!

Useful numbers:

  • Customer Service: 11 22 33
  • Directory inquiries: 011
  • Operator: 010
  • Clock: 013
  • Police: 917

Cell Phones

Cell phones now out number land line phones in Fiji, if you listen to the ads by the local company VODAFONE. You can get roaming switched on your normal cell phone if you do it before arriving from your home cell phone company, and it works a treat. Be aware that it is not everywhere, especially if you head out to the beautiful outer islands. The coverage map on the website shows where. Fabulous in the cities though. The country system is GSM 900 which is the same as Australia and New Zealand.

If you bring your own phone you could also just either:

  1. Rent a SIM card to slot into the phone for local use, only about F$1.99 a day. (at airport)
  2. Buy a prepaid sim card and top up with pre-pay cards. I know lots of business people who have bought a Fiji "Phone-In-A-Box" for about F$59 (incl $20 talk time), and slotted it into their normal phone. Saves a bundle on local calls.

Customer Services is 123, but be warned, they charge for this number!

There are three mobile networks in Fiji, two on the GSM platform - Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji, and one CDMA network operated by Telecom Fiji Limited.There is another cell phone service provider Inkk which runs as a virtual mobile operator on Vodafone's network. All mobile networks provide mobile internet for phones both on contract and pre-paid (no contract, no recurring charges). Vodafone has 3G network but coverage is not nationwide - check their website for the coverage map.   For free SMS to Fiji use a free service from sms4free.