In Fiji, tipping is not customary, nor required.  Fiji is a communal society, and as such, everything is shared. In lieu of tipping individuals at resorts, each resort will have a "Staff Christmas Fund" box available so their guests can contribute to the staff as a whole. When you think about it, it's a much fairer way. This way not only the "front line" people benefit, but also the people you don't see, but who work just as hard - the gardeners, maintenance workers, the lady that cuts the flowers and arranges them in your room. It's the Fijian way - to share the wealth - and at Christmastime the staff reaps great rewards!

it is the same in restaurants. It is not customary to leave a tip on the table. With a tour guide,  suggest asking the owner of the company what the proper protocol is, and if they have a staff fund.  A funny story is when a woman from California came to stay in a resort on the main island of Fiji. She could not believe that tipping was not required (coming from Hollywood!), so she routinely left tips in the room for the maid. At the end of her stay, the maid was so confused as to why she was receiving money every day, that she gave the woman a potted plant. The maid  figured that the guest was paying for something, so she'd better give her something.

Another perspective to tipping:  Donating  to the Christmas Fund is a very good way to acknowledge your appreciation to staff.  However if you believe good service should be rewarded do so . In the early days of  Fiji tourism the no need to tip rule seemed to apply but only very few now ask you not to. A personal choice. Recent travelers to Fiji are seeing a tip space on credit card bills at restaurants. Some people have seemed a little surprised, but they mostly seemed to 'get it.'

Fiji has changed in may ways since it became independent..  While tipping is not required if you wish to  reward good service please do so.  Many people have come in from their island homes to work  and need to support themselves on very low wages so gratuities are gratefully received. While the communal society still exists a lot of people live independently now from their village.  Where a Christmas Fund is a good choice at  the resorts who have one, many resorts don't.