Sigatoka is a small town away from all of the larger hotels and resorts. There aren't any large airports or train stations nearby, so if you want to get to the town you will either need to rent a car and drive yourself, or be driven there in a taxi or bus. There are several buses that leave from the larger and more built up areas a few times a day, but you need to check to make sure they are on schedule and running on time. You can buy the tickets either at the hotel or resort that you are staying at, or at the bus station. If you want to rent a car, you can do so from the location that you are staying in. There will usually be one or two agencies that you can get a car from, and the prices will vary depending on how long you are going to have the car for and what type of car you get. Once you get into the town, you will be able to park along the main roads or in parking lots. You don't really need to worry about vandalism or theft in Sigatoka. Still, it's a good idea to lock your car and take all of your valuables with you.