Tirana travelers may find it interesting to read the following books:

  • "Cityspots Tirana" (Thomas Cook Publishing) by Tim Clancy was published in August 2008. Tim is a veteran traveler and explorer based in Sarajevo. Tim covered Tirana, Kruja and Berat in great detail and obtained special insights into the country via a Tirana-based economic development program called the Albania Enterprise Development and Market Export Services program, which is sponsored by the US Agency for International Development.
  • Albania and the Albanians: Selected Articles and Letters, 1903 – 1944” by M. Edith Durham, Bejtullah Destani and Harry Hodgkinson is a political commentary written primarily by a well-known travel guide writer, giving readers an interesting perspective on the information presented within.
  • Albania: From Anarchy to Balkan Identity” by Miranda Vickers and James Pettifer offers insightful information about the socio-political history of the surrounding area.
  • Albania: The Bradt Travel Guide” by Gillian Glover offers travelers helpful information for activities and attractions throughout the area.
  • Albanian Identities: Myth and History” by Stephanie Schwander-Sievers and Bernd Jurgen Fischer is an informative look at the political and cultural history of Tirana and the rest of Albania.
  • Albanian/English English/Albanian Dictionary and Phrasebook” by Ramazan Hysa is a must-carry-along book for travelers seeking to make sure that they can communicate in the local language of Tirana if need be.
  • “The Accursed Mountains; Journey in Albania” by Robert Carver (TravellersEye Ltd - click here for contact info) is an educational look at the refugee situation affecting the area. 
  • Tirana Biennale 1: Escape” by Giancarlo Politi, Ahu Antmen, Francesco Bonami, Chaos Chen and Jim Cook is a collaborative artistic collection featuring an eclectic array of art styles from the area around Tirana.
  • "Albanian for Englih-Speakers" by Luan Kaceli gives the reader the introduction of Albanian language for the very beginner to the people who are looking for what to say in the certain situations such as at the post office, bus station, pharmacy, etc. Also, there is a short introduction of Albanian grammer. The book contains the moderate size of English-Albanian dictionary at the end. This book is quite small enough to put it in the jeans pocket, so you can carry it for the emergency case for the communication and to get the beginner level Albanian vocaburay and phrases.