One of the major annual events taking place in Tirana each year is the Tirana Film Festival (  Though it has only been taking place for a few short years, this October event has already begun to draw a number of people to the area.  Cutting edge short films are screened, often for the first time, at this multi-day event.  Travelers interested in mingling with local artists will find that the film festival is one of the best times and means of doing so.

Travelers from the United States who are interested in exploring the local culture can also plan on attending any of a number of events put on by the Tirana division of the embassy of the United States.  These events are generally educational in nature and are an excellent way to learn about modern issues facing the area and to meet people living there today.  Additional information is available at .

People traveling on a budget will be happy to discover that there is a free music festival in Tirana each summer.  The weekend long event is called MJAFT! Fest and includes a number of different local and international performers in several different musical genres.  It takes place on the beach, so even people who do not love the music will enjoy the atmosphere.

There is even one of the finest contemporary music festivals in Tirana with participiants from all around the world. It takes place every end of October and is named Tiranas Autumn.