Currency Information 

  • Name: Converible Marka
  • International Banking Code (ISO CODE): BAM
  • Numeric code: 977  


  • You can check the exchange rates of the Central Bank of Bosnia&Herzegovia at: They may vary a little in other banks.
  • You can't get hold of KM (convertible marka) outside of Bosnia&Herzegovina (except for a few exchange offices in the Serbia and Montenegro: )so you'll probably need to exchange once you arrive.
  • It's easiest to use euros when exchanging. But you won't have many troubles exchanging any other major currency. You'll need your passport and the people at the banks tend to be very helpful and speak some English.
  • Remember to exchange any leftover currency before you leave the country because you won't be able to once you're home.

ATM's, Credit/Debit Cards and similar

  • Most of the shops and restaurants in all the larger cities (Sarajevo, Mostar, Doboj, Tuzla, Zenica, Bihac, etc) accept credit/debit cards. There are some small ones and almost all in smaller towns that don't. So it might be a good idea to have some cash with you.
  • Most of the banks and post offices in Bosnia&Herzegovina are Western Union partners
  • There is at least one ATM in every place that has more than a few residents.


  • If you are arriving in Doboj there is a bank on the road to your right as you head south from the bus/train station. It's up a flight of stairs and isn't obvious but look for the yellow Western Union sign. There is no ATM.
  •   Doboj is full of banks and there is a proper currency exchange as well as a Post Office which will also do it for you.


If arriving by plane, you can travel via Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosna and Herzegovina) (shorter route), or Zagreb (Croatia). You can try and find direct bus lines from some of European cities to Doboj, but in that case your journey may be quite long. Railway options are pretty good as Doboj is railway junction of BiH. From European countries, direct lines from Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Nis are bus and railway lines, as follows:

Train Zagreb – Doboj
Departure: 8:57 Arrival: 14:55
Price (one-way): about 15 Euro.

Train Belgrade – Doboj
Departure: 15:30 Arrival: 22:30
Price (one-way): about 11Euro.

Train Budapest – Doboj
Departure: 17:45 Arrival: 02:27
Price (one-way): about 35 Euro.

Train Sarajevo – Doboj
Departure: 10:41 Arrival: 13:34
Departure: 20:32 Arrival: 23:25
Price (one-way): about 9 Euro.

For more information –

Bus Zagreb -Doboj
Departure: 14:00 Arrival: about 18:00

Price (one-way): about 13 Euro.

Bus Zagreb - Banjaluka
Departure: 06.30 Arrival: 09.54
Departure: 08.00 Arrival: 12.10
Departure: 09.00 Arrival: 12.00
Departure: 10.30 Arrival: 13.40

Prices vary, but one-way ticket price is about 15 Euro. (There are several bus lines in the afternoon, but here is review of morning lines only, so that you can arrive on time)

Bus Sarajevo - Banjaluka
Departure: 05.00 Arrival: 10.30
Departure: 07.45 Arrival: 12.15 Price (one-way): about 15 Euro.

Train Sarajevo - Banjaluka
Departure: 10.20 Arrival: 15.39
Price (one-way): about 15 Euro.

Bus Belgrade – Doboj
Departure:07:00 - Arrival: 13:00
Departure:10:00 - Arrival: 16:00
Departure:22:30 - Arrival: 04:30

Bus Belgrade – Banjaluka
Departure: buses for Banja Luka leave almost every half an hour, but be prepared for a 7 hour trip. Price (one-way): about 15 Euro.

Bus Novi Sad – Doboj
Departure:06:00 - Arrival: around 11:00
Departure:07:00 - Arrival: around 12:00
Departure:07:30 - Arrival: around 12:30

Bus Niš - Banjaluka
Departure: 20.55 Arrival: 7.25
Price (one-way): about 20 Eura.

Currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is called Konvertibile or Bosnian Mark (KM/BAM). 1 Euro=1.95KM. Money can be exchanged in exchange offices or banks, or picked up on one of numerous cash mashines placed all over the town. Also all products and services in BiH can be paid in Euros.

To give you an idea about prices of things, here are prices of several products: a bottle of water 1-2 KM, a juice in a coffee shop 1,5-2,5KM, sandwich 1-1,5 KM, coffee (in a coffee shop) 1 KM, phone card for a phone booth (for local and international calls) is between 5 and 10 KM

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