An Austrian writer once said that those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought withtout the sea being a part from it. Indeed, the past, present and presumingly, future of this small, yet rapidly growing city on the Black Sea`s southern coast circles entirely around the sea. The exact time of Burgas`s birth is unknown, although it has been recognised that it dates before the Christian era. According to the urban legends, today`s port is a successor of the guiding tower that used to be located there during the time of the Roman Empire. The Romans named it burgos, menaing tower, though the origins of the name are debatable.

Due to its location, Burgas has always been an important centre that links the East and the West. Churchesmuseums, architecture demonstrate its rich past which blends in with the modern commersialism and constant change. At first glance, Burgas might appear as quiet, slightly boring seaside town with not much potential for enjoyable leisure activities but the usual restaurants, bars, shops and cafes on the main streets (Aleksandrovska and Bogoridi) . However, when investigated in-depth, one finds the city to provide a vast variety of "things to do" that easily satisfy even the most fastidious taste.

During its peak (the summer months from May until October) you might want to relax from the heat and the tourist waves that seem to increase with every, not day but hour. The enourmous old trees in the Sea Garden provide thick shade and the coolness is additionally helped by the fountains and drinking fountains, and the street sellers of ice cream, ice lollies and popsicles. If you are lucky you might even get some sea breeze. Try Bulgarian cuisine or local specialities in the pubs and restaurants along the promenade (also known as kapani). As they are mainly open in the summer do not forget to bring a mosquito repelent (don`t panic - even though the environment is favourable for their existence, mosquitos on Bulgaria DO NOT transmit malaria).

Burgas hosts various festivals and events throgout the whole summer. Such is the  MTV festival Spirit of Burgas which usually takes place in the beginning of August. Thousands of people from all over the world crocodile along the Sea Garden which is like a smaller version of Woodstock during the event. 

Equally interesting is Burgas in the winter. As the sea keeps the warmth from the summer, thick, deep snow is rarely seen around although it is not excluded. However, it tends to become quite icy and windy (again, it`s the sea:)) The open-air ice rink on the main square Troikata (literally means trio) attracts residents and tourists from December until January. December is a holiday-rich month for Bulgarians and  citizens of Burgas, especially. Experience mulled wine and grilled fish on the street, buy a souvenir from the local merchants at the winter market, or enjoy the street musicians and food around Christmas. Explore the views from the Sea Casino or simply indulge in a bus trip to the near villages and towns.

In- and outdoor activities, movies and cinema, theatre and opera, festivals and events, shopping, sport, heritage and culture - find your favourite activity four season a year! After all, Burgas is a BURG AS no other :))))