1. Don't forget that Bulgaria is not only the Black sea the real history is in the province. Years ago, during Carl the Grate ruled over the Western European tribes and sity-size countries, there was only two hundred of years ago established kingdoms-Byzancy empire and Bulgaria. When the war started, they did it with more than 10,000 troopers, some times more than 100,000. Don't forget that Spartacus is a Thracian, lived at the same land Bulgarians are populating now, Orpheus too. Also, the king Kaloioan smashed the Western elite of knights led from Baldwin and put him in jail. There was no Bysantine empire at this time. It was conquered by the very same COUNT Baldwin, which as a leader of his crusaders has been sent from the Pope to fight for the Holly land, not with the orthodox christians.
    • And don't be ashamed, just ask every Bulgarian for a History fact!