1. On foot - although Sofia is close to 2 million people, the city center is pretty compact and within walking distance. So getting around on foot is pretty convenient. Still you have to remember one important thing about pedestrain crossings:  don't expect that drivers will automatically stop, just because you are standing at a pedestrain crossing, especially if it is not regulated by a traffic light. SO ALWAYS look both directions, before you dare to cross. Drivers rush down the street expecting the pedestrians to clear the road for them. So crossing nonchalantly is not a generally good idea as far as your safety is concerned.

Walking along Vitosha Boulevard is a people-watchers' paradise. Be sure to take several strolls along this pedestrian street. Be careful where you set your feet, though. The sidewalks have lots of potholes and loose tiles. Even worse, when it rains, the eavespouts dump the water from the roofs right onto the sidewalk in front of you, so you have to jump around to avoid the gushing water. Nevertheless, Vitosha Boulevard is something you cannot miss, rain or shine.

Useful local map (alternative to Google Maps): Maps of Sofia

2.  Taxis - are really cheap, and it is the best means of tranportation if you are tired of walking.  Just beware as you hop on that you have chosen a licensed taxi, as there are still some, although very rare, "fake" companies that can charge you up to 10 times the regular price. The best way to get a taxi is to ask your hotel to call one, or if you are in a restaurant or bar, ask them to call. Don't hail a cab from the street.

Reliable and trusted company: OK Supertrans (Phone: 9732121)- The only one officially allowed to pickup customers from Sofia Airport.

3.  Rent-a-car - Traffic jams may not still be as bad as is many European cities, but Sofian drivers have a very particular and rather unpleasent driving style, where common driving rules don't  necessarily apply.  It's the survival of the fittest and the "fittest" are often determined by the size and the brand of your car.  A simple rule: a mercedes has privilage over a citroen. You do get to feel the logic of Sofia driving eventually, but if you feel unsure better not go for it. All the major international companies are presented: AvisHertzBudget; some local companies with compatitive prices: TBI, or Car Bg Rent.

4. Public transport - Sofia's new metro system is clean, efficient and cheap. There are several stops throughout the city center, so you can use the metro as a quick way to jump a few extra blocks rather than walking. The metros are especially helpful if you need to visit the outlying areas of the city.

A very good site that has all the public transport info and schedules: Sofia Traffic.