Zagreb travelers who are putting together a must-read book list before heading to the area should plan to include on it the following books:


  • “Croatia (Eyewitness Travel Guides)” by Leandro Zoppe is a travel guide which provides information about Zagreb as well as the larger surrounding area which visitors may explore while they are staying in Zagreb.  Additional information is available at .
  • “Insight Design Guide” is a free shopping guide for visitors in Zagreb, providing information about Zagreb’s shopping scene. The guide helps you explore Zagreb in a different way and to find the best and the most original souvenirs, and advises you how to shop and act when in Zagreb. Digital version of the guide is available on
  • “Croatia: A History” by Ivo Goldstein and Nikolina Jovanovic will provide travelers with a base of historical understanding of Zagreb and the surrounding country.  See for information.
  • “Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country” by Tony Fabijancic is a memoir of travel through the area which gives life to the people he met along the way.  More information is online at .
  • “Zagreb: Exit South” by Edo Popovic and Julienne Eden Busic is the best easy-to-read story providing information about Zagreb through the interaction of the characters with the landscape.  Readers will learn about life in modern Zagreb from the point of view of an unhappy middle-aged man moving through his life.  The book can be found at for additional information.