Zagreb is Tram City, do not let anyone tell you anything different.Ir you print out a tram route ZET is the company then you will never get lost.Tickets cost 6.5 Kuna (60p) and last for 90 mins. Dont forget to stamp them and have fun.

Latest Trams 

If you buy a one way ticket at a kiosk (DUHAN or TISAK) it costs 6,50 Kuna, if you buy it in the tram or the bus it costs 8 Kuna. A ride between midnight and 4.00 costs double. The drivers in the new trams (photo) don ´t sell tickets. A day ticket (18 Kuna) is a very good idea and can be bought either at the kiosk or in the tram/bus. It is valid until 4.00 of the next day, so you don´t have to worry about night fares. Senior citizens (65 years) and children (under the age of 6) don´t have to buy a ticket. Night trams can be substituted with night buses. Big dogs (exception guide-dogs) are not allowed in trams or buses, the driver might ask you to leave.

The 72 hr Zagreb card allows all travel on trams, buses and the ski lift up the mountain. For this take no 14  from the stop opposite the statue to the end of the line and then the 15 to the end of that line, walk for 15 mins through the woods to the bottom of the ski lift. Views from the top are great.

Just a quick tip, if you purchase the paper or single trips (which you most likely will do) the only ticket machines which can validate are at either end of the tram, none of the middle machines will do the paper tickets.