If you like travelling with a backpack and tasting the life of the locals, maybe you will like touring by bus all over the Romania. The tickets are cheap (you can get anywhere in Romania with less than €20) and they run quite frequently. Tickets are often bought directly from the driver but it's better to ask.

You can get all the information you need from www.autogari.ro  which keeps the timetables updated. There are hundreds of bus operators in Romania, and you can find them all there. If you plan to reserve a bus ticket this is the right page to click http://www.autogari.ro/bileteAutocar.php .


Disadvantages of traveling by bus:

  • Not much space for luggage
  • Not much space for passengers to feel comfortable
  • Going to the bus station (Autogara) about 20-30 minutes before the bus leaves is advisable on the popular routes (e.g. Brasov - Bucharest)
  • Sometimes the drivers are very speedy and the ride might become scary.
  • Sometimes the drivers are not polite towards passengers

 Advantages of traveling by bus: 

  • Passengers can discuss with the driver to be left on different points along the way in which case the fare can be also negotiated.
  • Busses may be cheaper than trains depending on the route.
  • Buses could reach more remote villages in the mountains, places that would otherwise not be served by the train system