Travelers interested in reading more about Bucharest before heading there may enjoy reading the following books:  

  • “Berlin to Bucharest: Travels in Eastern Europe” by Anton Gill is a memoir about travel experiences in the area during the late twentieth century. .
  • “Bucharest (Great Cities)” by Radu Anton Roman, Marina Celac, and Radu Lungu is a comprehensive guide to the area which includes beautiful photographs sure to excite visitors about an upcoming Bucharest vacation. .
  • “Lonely Planet Romania & Moldova” by Steve Kokker and Cathryn Kemp is a comprehensive travel guide to Bucharest and all of the surrounding locations which visitors might want to enjoy during day trips from the area. .
  • "City Compass - Bucharest, Romania & Beyond" - Feel at home guide for expats, tourists and local. Information about travelling, living and working in Bucharest & Romania 
  • “Revolution’s Urban Landscape: Bucharest Culture and Postcommunist Change” by Raoul Granqvist offers readers information about the socio-political situation of the area. .
  • “Romanian Modernism: The Architecture of Bucharest, 1920 – 1940” by Luminita Machedon and Ernie Scoffhman will give travelers information about the buildings that they will be seeing in the area. .
  • “The Dogs of Bucharest” by George Guess is a fictional thriller tale set in the area which makes an easy read for an airplane ride or a quick read during a Bucharest stay.
  • Travelers Guide to Bucharest: Bucharest City Guide 
  • Bucharest Tips ( – alternative Bucharest travel guide with recommendations from locals, with a customized search tool - tourists can select their lifestyle, age, profession and browse for similar locals profiles and get recommendations about places to eat, to visit, hidden places, events.