Bucharest has two airports, four train stations (the main one is Bucharest North - Gara de Nord) and several bus terminals.



- Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport

If you arriving to Bucharest, check the notes Otopeni Airport to Bucharest.

If you're coming/leaving by air  this will be your entry/exit point for Bucharest. Opened in the late 1960s, Otopeni is today Romania's largest and busiest airport (official website); it has been substantially enlarged in the past few years in order to cope with the significant growth in traffic, but further development is still needed. This airport  is located 16 km north of Bucharest.

There are two main options for getting to the city, taking Express RATB Bus 783 or using a taxi. To get to/from the Gara de Nord (Bucharest North Railway station), the main train station, take Bus 780; cost of the trip is is 8.6 /lei return which is bought at a kiosk near the bus stop.

Express Bus 783 - 24 hour service
This bus that links the airport with Piata Unirii in downtown Bucharest runs day and night (including weekends and other holidays), every 15-20 minutes during the day (6.30 - 21.35) and every 30-40 minutes at night. A two trips card (the cheapest option) costs 8.6  lei.

Line 783 has following stops: Airport Henri Coanda Arrivals,Airport Henri Coanda Departure, ICSITMUAOtopeni City Hall (Primaria Otopeni), AMCOCFR Passage (Pasaj CFR), Privighetorilor Alley (Aleea Privighetorilor), Metheorogical Institute (Institutul Meteorologic), Baneasa Airport, Baneasa Bridge (Pod Baneasa), Press House(Triumph Arch - Casa Presei), DocentilorVictory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1), Unirii Square 2 (Piata Unirii 2) where this service ends.

At  Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1) and Unirii Square 2 you have easy acces to Subway (Metrou)


- Aurel Vlaicu (Baneasa) Airport - business airport

Regular passenger flights to this small, late 1940s airport (official website) ended in late March 2012.

It's theoretically being converted into a business airport but more likely it will fully close.

Baneasa's major advantage was its location within Bucharest city limits, which makes access to public transportation very easy: 

  • Bus 131 links this airport with Piata Romana in downtown Bucharest. It runs daily between 4.30 AM and 10.50 PM and starts from the bus terminal on the main road in front of the airport.
  • Bus 301also links this airport with Piata Romana (heading south) and reaches the airport approx. between 5 AM and 11.10 PM. It stops in the above mentioned terminal.
  • Express bus 783links Baneasa airport with Otopeni airport (heading north) and also with Piata Unirii in downtown Bucharest (heading south).
  • Bus 205 links Baneasa airport with Bucharest North (Gara de Nord) train station (heading south). It passes near the airport between approx. 4.40 AM and 11.00 PM; it does not use the terminal in front of the airport, instead it stops near the major crossroad south of it.
  • Tramway 5links the airport with Piata Sf. Gheorghe in central Bucharest (near Piata Unirii). It has its terminus point right behind the airport and runs daily between ~6 AM and  10.37 PM.

If you want to get a taxi, don't take any of the ones waiting at the main exit,  unfortunately they are all rip off taxis. Instead, walk away from the place and pick up a taxi from the street (as mentioned above, Baneasa airport actually is inside Bucharest city, so finding taxis cruising on the street isn't a problem, even at night).


Train stations 

- Bucharest North (Gara de Nord

Gara de Nord Train Station (Bucharest North Train Station) is the main train station in Bucharest and the largest in Romania. All international trains and most long distance domestic trains arriving/leaving from Bucharest use this station. In spite of its reputation, the station itself is safe and relatively clean (it's the neighborhood around the station that's having some problems). There are currently 14 tracks and 8 platforms.

There are various public transportation options available to get from this station to a more central area (though it's also possible to get there on foot, it's not very far):

  • subway line M1 links it  with Piata Unirii in the southern part of downtown;
  • subaway line M4 links it with Parc Bazilescu - line opened in 2000, completed in 2011.
  • bus 123 links it with the same Piata Unirii;
  • bus 178 links it with the Piata Revolutiei area;
  • trolleybus 85 links it with Piata Universitatii and further on with Bucharest East (Gara de Est/Obor) trainstation;
  • trolleybuses 79 and 86 link it with Piata Romana;

Just like at Baneasa airport, all the taxis waiting directly in front of the station's exits are rip off taxis, so don't take any of them, walk away and try to find a taxi on the street.


Car rental

Rentals are available from multiple companies, both domestic and international. On the airport website you can find the list of car rental services. Prices start around €20/day. 



At the Aeroport, to call a legitimate taxi  (with the normal rate, 1.39 lei/km) use the taxi ordering touch screen panels in the Arrivals hall. Do not accept any offers from taxi drivers at the airport, at the and of the trip they will rip-off you.With a normally priced cab the trip to downtown costs  10euro-20euro.

A serious business taxi company with fix rates is TaxiBucharest.com ,they are using Mercedes-Benz cars including MiniVans 8+1seats, very clean, with AC, credit card accepted, well maintained, licensed and insured for passenger transport on public roads by taxi or rental with driver, they accept online booking and reservation in advance.

After the murder of the young japanesse woman in 2012, Bucharest Airport changed the taxi sistem introducing touch screen ordering in 2013.  There are now no other taxis outside waiting like in the past, all of the rip-off drivers have gone. Using this sistem the taxi drivers can enter and stay in front of international arrivals only with order and can wait the client only 5min, if the client who order the taxi dont show, the taxi must leave empty. Now the old rip-off drivers are working at companies using the 1,39lei/km, the best way to avoid surprises is to ask the price from the beginning.

The prices for taxi in Bucharest are 1,39lei/km-3.5lei/km and they are ok for romanian people, but soon the City Hall will change that after the penalties from Competion Council in 08.01.2015 for "THE 8" taxi companies for having a concerted tacit understanding to fix the transport tariffs. In 2008 the minim price was 1,94lei/km, fuel 4,1lei/liter, VAT 16% and now in 2015 minim price is 1,39lei/km, fuel 5,4lei/liter, VAT 24%. Due to this who do you think will support the differences??? the driver=never... , the client ALWAYS!!

The Bucharest taxi drivers they will try to cheat all the time the client until the City Hall will apply the new law and they will increase the price per km.

The main problem is the very low price, drivers and their meters are very dubious they are using some not legal devices for increase the amount and even so they usually prefer to negotiate the price rather than use the meter (the end price will always turn out higher). A ride with them to downtown starts around €20 and may go over €50. 




- for more details you can check Otopeni Airport to Bucharest note.


If you wanna go to the Airport Otopeni Henry Coanda during daytime, take care, because the traffic is very crowded.

If you wanna skip some traffic and you wanna go to Airport Otopeni Henry Coanda you can take:

- the Subway (Metrou) to Aviatorilor station and from here you can take a taxi, check the price to be 1,3 lei /km, those with 3 lei are rip off.

- the Subway to Victoriei Station (M1 - M2), here exit to Lascar Catargiu and from RATB Bus Station take BUS Express 783.

- the Subway to Gara de Nord (M1) and from there take BUS Express 780.

- from Aviatorilor subway station exit to Calea Dorobantilor make left and cross the street to bus station Piata Charles de Gaulle where you can take BUS 335 to Piata Presei (like 3 stations) and from there take BUS 783 or 780.


For the Express Line 780 or 783 BUY Tickets from RATB kiosks, usually an Activ Card is 7-8 lei, the driver doesn't sell tickets.

Take care, at the subway trains runs only from 5 AM to 11 PM, every day.