In the past getting a taxi at Henri Coanda airport with a fair price was difficult but a new system at the airport has largely resolved this issue. When you come out of arrivals hall look to the electronic kiosks to your immediate right and left which enable you to select a taxi firm and be issued with a ticket. The kiosks gives you the option to choose standard taxis or higher priced ones - standard ones are fine but limited for luggage space if you have more than three cases. The ticket will tell you the indicative number of the taxi (not the registration, a code printed on the back stanchion of the taxi) and it will also tell you how long the taxi should take - rarely more than 5 minutes or so. You will struggle to get a taxi outside the airport without a ticket, as all taxis are booked and cannot enter the area without evidence they have been ordered, Then when you get in the taxi, be sure to check the driver has the meter on and not turned around (they are usually on no problem). No need to haggle on price as that is the best way to pay over the odds. Taxis from the airport to historic centre of Bucharest should be no more than 30 lei - 40 lei is a reasonable price including tip. The trip is about 25 minutes so this is very reasonable!  However read below on how they will try to cheat you in other ways, by saying they have no change or switching bills on you. Prices are higher at night.

As of March/April 2016, it has apparently become more difficult to get a taxi via the electronic kiosks (if someone knows why please edit this).  It is common to have long queues at the kiosks waiting for a taxi to be available via the screens. 

Taxi prices are written on the cab doors, check before you get in. Most cabs are 1.39 per km but some are 3.50 - with no additional quality. Additionally, make sure the meter is switched on before setting off.  Also make sure that you have small bills on you, as some drivers are known to insist they don't have change when you give them a 50 bill for a 30 lei fare.  Also make sure when you hand the driver the bill that you both see the denomination on the bill, especially at night, as drivers are also known to expertly and quickly switch a 100 lei bill you hand them, and show you a 10 lei bill telling you that you have made a mistake!  If it is at night, shine your phone on the bill and say "here is a 100" for a few seconds before you let go of it.

Hotels and restaurants can call for a taxi for you, which come quickly, usually within 10 minutes.  You can also wave one down on the street if there is a green light on the taxi sign indicating it is available. 

Car rental:

If you whant to rent a car in Romania is better to use the companies who have also offices in the airport and you can find on the airport official website . You can pay online at prices starting 6 euros per day. Budget Car Rental is offering great new cars at competitive prices:

Chauffeured services - Rent a Car & Driver:

There are companies like Private hire car with driver that have around 2-2,5 lei /km on avarage but the only use Mercedes cars which is a big difference from the regular taxi car that some of them don't look really taken care of, and you can pre-book aswell, some of them have POS machines in the car like , , , , , with WiFi in their cars, and many others that also offer contracts with your company and so get no problems at traveling expenses.


You can find safe and reliable drivers, rated by users and also you have a non-stop support line if you need any help. They only deal with licensed drivers. You see the price per km and you won„t be overcharged, most drivers speak passable English.  However, taxis are increasingly trying to cheat tourists by insisting they don't have change or switching bills on you (see above).

Most taxis take only cash.  Ask before you get in if you want to pay by card or SMS.  

Taxi with credit card

Also you can Pre-Book your Taxi to avoid last minute stress, you can book online a taxi between 30 days and 1 hour in advance. They have also minivans for 8+1 passengers like Mercedes Vito, Fiat Scudo and Renault Traffic. For credit card payment in the car, meet and great, wifi in the cars, car rental with driver at your disposal, kids taxi, drivers speak english, fix rates for all transfers you can use  Taxi Bucharest Bucharest Limo Taxi Mercedes ,  Marius Taxi. ,

About Bucharest taxis

A trip from the City Centre to the main airport Henri Coanda can average between 40 and 100 Lei, why, it will be dependant on the company you use. Compared to other European cities even at 100 Lei this is a pretty low amount remembering the driver doesn't pocket the whole fare. So a dollar price of $25 is reasonable. Coming into the City from the airport expect the higher price the reason being the taxis invairiably all charge at 3.50 lei so be warned.Something else to note - if you do find a good reliable Taxi driver and you will, ask for his cell number and hours he works. Even though you booked or he works for a company, the taxi is probably his own. So he'll welcome a 'private hire' cutting out the company out thus saving you money and get a bit of a free/cheap city guide.

In Bucharest you will find a lot of Taxis without any airbags or no seat belt for passengers, no AC. 80% of the cars are Dacia Logan, a cheap car and not so safe. A lot of taxis have 1,39lei/km but at the and they will charge you more, Bucharest Taxi Drivers have a very bad reputation to ripoff the clients in special foreigners who comes for bussiness or to visit Bucharest, for example by telling you they don't have change or switching a bill you hand them and say you gave them only a 10 when you handed them a 100 lei bill.