The museums of Bucharest are primarily history museums and museum-type landmarks and historic buildings which commemorate various aspects of the past of Bucharest and the surrounding area.   Visitors should be sure to check out the Village Museum ( ) which is an outdoor museum displaying the unique architecture of the Romanian countryside and offering travelers a glimpse in to rural life in Bucharest over the years.   Visitors interested in the national history of all of Romania will want to be sure to head over to the Muzuel National de Istorie a Romaniei ( ) which explores the areas history beginning with prehistoric times an continuing through the beginning of the twentieth century.
Travelers interested in the art of the area have several art museums to choose from in order to further explore this interest.   The Peasant Museum   ( ) is a good choice for travelers interested in the history of art in the area, as it is both a history museum and an art museum.   The National Museum of Art of Romania ( ) is the most comprehensive art museum of the area, including exhibits from ancient Bucharest as well as modern Bucharest.   Fans of modern art in the area will probably prefer the exhibits at the Romanian Contemporary Art Museum which features work from current artists all over Bucharest and the surrounding area.