The best time to visit the Ukraine is in the summer months. Temperatures range from 24 to 28 degrees C. When the sun is out it can be very warm; the humidity is low which also adds to the enjoyment.  But Ukraine is a large country with quite variable weather depending on the region.  For example, in Odessa visitors can experience cloudy days, short duration thunderstorms, and beautiful sunny days all within the same week. A real mix, so as a traveller, be prepared. This is a northern latitude 46 degrees north and not unlike the coast of Washington State/Oregon. Rain intermixed with sun. Shorts and T-shirts are easily worn in the summer, but the occasional cold snap will have you in long pants and jackets.

Check for weather report forcast at

This site gives you up to 15 days forcast and is well worth using for all world travel destinations. You will find the weather superb in summer days, winter can be harsh and freak conditions can arise. Learn the language to ask the driver to slow down if you are using a taxi on open roads

Ukraine is a traveler's dream. Costs are low, culture and "things to see" are in abundance. Enjoy!