The best way to get to Managua is via Managua International Airport, located just outside of the city.  After a period of neglect during the Sandinista Regime in the 1980's, this airport has undergone major renovations and is now one of Central America's most modern.  The airport serves as the hub of Nicaragua's national airline, Nica, as well as serves flights from several other international carriers from the United States, South America and Europe. 

Ground transportation from the airport into the city is available in the form of taxis, rental cars and buses.  If renting a car please be aware that not all of the roads in the area are very good, also be sure that you meet all of the country's driving requirements.  Taxis are for the most part economical and reliable and probably the easiest form of airport transportation.  Buses are available into the city, but schedules are sometimes erratic.  If you need a bus schedule they are available at the airport's information desk.