Managua does offer city bus service, on new buses brought from Russia and Mexico. They are now using an electronic service via Bus card (Bus Pass), which you can get at any Mall. If you are either a foreigner or a Nicaraguan, the price of this card is C$50.00 or $2 dols. Something you have to be careful with is pick pocketing, and always try to avoid carrying visibly expensive things.  The price of the buses is very inexpensive.

Managua's taxis are relatively safe and reliable.  They are also not very expensive (a ride across the city will cost about $5 ), but are more expensive than the buses are.  If you choose to take a taxi be sure to tell the driver where you are going before you leave and to set a price for the ride.  Keep in mind that taxis drivers in Managua expect to be bargained with and if you appear to have money they will usually try to charge you more.  Also, taxi drivers generally do not expect tips.  In almost all cases, the fare is just the fare.