Nicaragua has several national celebrations which are observed in Managua and throughout the country.  One such week-long period of festivities is Holy Week, the week leading up to the Christian Easter holiday.  During this week the city hosts a number of parades, many featuring religious processions.  Traditional foods are available for sale in the streets, as are hand crafted items, gifts, and souvenirs are sold from street stalls.  Dancing is also popular to the live music which plays on small stages set up on the sidewalks.  Many Managuan families also choose to have private celebrations during this time with large family gatherings and meals.

Other important celebrations in Nicaragua and Managua are held on September 14th and 15th in honor of the country's independence from Spain on September 15, 1821.  Nicaragua shares this date with several other Latin American countries including Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  During these days most schools and offices are closed and the country celebrates by holding parades, festivals, musical performances and fireworks.