Managua suffers unfairly from a bit of a bad reputation. The guidebooks call it dangerous, scary and dirty, even boring. Dont believe the hype! It may mot be as immediate as some cities but if you scratch the surface you will find a vibrant, frenetic city.

Especially for first-time visitors, the arrival at the airport can be a bit chaotic. If you don't already have plans for that first day or night, expect to be asked several times if you want a taxi! It's recommended that you figure out where you are going and where you will be staying that first night. That way, you'll have someone to meet you and whisk you off to your first night's destination.

If you aren't programmed for the "soft landing service" then just remain calm as you step out from the customs area of the airport through the sliding glass doors as many tour operators and taxi drivers will be vying for your business. If you are in such a situation, you might want to just say "No gracias" as you walk past this first wave of offers so you can collect yourselves further inside the terminal heading towards the rental cars.

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