"Ego Alley" in Annapolis is a small, narrow waterway that leads to the heart of the city.  It got it's name from the endless parade of boats and yachts that traverse this dead end canal, usually only to see and be seen.

On one side of the waterway there is the Marriott Waterfront Hotel complete with their famous "Pusser's Restaurant and Bar".  The outdoor tables are literally inches from the water and provide the best perch to view all the action.  On that same side is a yacht club, and then a marine store and a concrete half wall that permits folks to have a seat, and take in the view.  On the other side of Ego Alley, there are boat slips and several water taxi stands.  The wall continues here as well, but the many boats that dock here often block the scenery.

At the end of the canal, is the dinghy dock, where visiting folks who are either moored or anchored out in the harbor, take their smaller vessels in to town for provisions, sightseeing, etc..  There are many benches here as well, and you will often find many people enjoying an ice cream cone or some other enticing edible from one of the local shops.  This is also a great place to see the boats, since it is here that all must turn around.  Sometimes it can be quite exciting, since not all skippers have the expertise to operate their boats in such tight and crowded conditions.