Although basketball, volleyball and other such indoors sports are big in Skopje, the outdoors activities are bigger, as hikers and bikers and mountaineers abound.  There are numerous peaks all around the capital, and residents and visitors both like to set aside time to climb the peaks, some of which break 7,500 feet.

Equestrian leisure and kayaking are two more outdoors-y things Macedonians love.  If you like horse-backing riding, be sure to check out the Hipodrom, an enormous venue of fields and stables located just a little ways outside the city.  And the Matka is kayak central, sending river adventurers down the Treska, which runs just a few miles to the north of the capital.

Tennis is big in Skopje, as is swimming.  The city’s two main pools are Centar, which contains a restaurant and a large swimming capacity, and the slightly smaller Karpos, which is located next to the Alexander Palace Hotel and can seat about seven hundred.

Obviously, most of these outdoors sports are not too big in the winter, so if athletics is inextricable from your daily living try to visit Skopje between late spring and early fall .