The best time to visit Greenland? Definitely in the summer! In the months of June, July and August, the cold, icy country isn't as cold as it can be, and - best of all - you get to experience the weird phenomenon, midnight sun.

The dates for midnight sun depends on where in Greenland you are. You have to be north of the Polar Circle in order to witness this peculiar wonder of nature, and as you travel north, the midnight sun-period encreases. In the magnificent Disko Bay on the west coast, for example, you can experience the never-setting sun from approx. May 25 to July 25.

Midnight sun actually makes the days feel endless. Birds never stop singing and children are playing football in the streets at midnight. If you travel north in Greenland, you might be able to almost follow the midnight sun and have eternal sunshine (or at least, eternal daylight) on your whole trip. A great way to travel in Greenland is by boat: all towns are situated near the coast, and they are rarely connected by roads. Moreover, you can get really close to icebergs and calving glaciers on a ship, and at the same time marvel at the ample wildlife populating the ocean. This website offers an 8-day cruise along Western Greenland: The site only has the one cruise to offer, but it looks all right, and is not too expensive.

The weather changes a lot in Greenland. In the summer the highest possible temperature is around 15C (60F), but if you travel by sea, you need to prepare for heavy winds, rather low temperatures and a lot of shifts between warm and cold, between sunshine, clouds and heavy fog. The moral is: bring everything from winter coats to sunglasses and T-shirts.