Antigua is located in the tropics and therefore has nice weather all year long.  Its high elevation keeps the city from getting too hot in the summer, the average daytime temperature all year 'round being in the 70's, unlike some other parts of the country which are closer to sea level and which can become very hot and humid.  Antigua's night time temperatures tend to drop into the 50's, requiring a jacket. 

Antigua does have a rainy season which lasts from May through September.  During this season it rains nearly every day in the late afternoon and evening.  The remainder of the calendar year is relatively dry.

Because of its pleasant weather Antigua is a great place to visit at any time of year.  Many visitors from North America and Europe choose to visit during the winter months to escape the cold, but it is also a popular destination for students learning Spanish during the summer, as well as at other times of year.