The closest airport to the city of Antigua is La Aurora International Airport (GUA) in Guatemala City, about an hour's drive away.  This is the country's main airport, serving flights from most major US airlines and some larger European carriers.  For a list of airlines which use La Aurora International click here

From the airport in Guatemala City there are a few different ways to get into Antigua.  Taxis are available at the airport, and they are for the most part willing to drive passengers the 30 miles into the city.  This is a good option if there are three or four people traveling together to split the fare.  Some private transportation companies also pick up passengers at La Aurora and take them into Antigua via shuttle bus or mini van.  These services can often be arranged by a travel agent of through your hotel.  Some hotels may even offer this type of service for free to their guests. 

Cars can be rented at the airport for those would like to drive to Antigua on their own, but this may not be the best option for a few reasons.  For one, parking in Antigua, at least safe parking where one does not have to worry about break-ins, is limited.  Also, several robberies have been known to take place on Guatemalan roads in the past few years, prompting the US government to advise against driving there.  If you do decide to drive, however, be sure that you meet the country's license requirements.

Passengers going to Antigua from the airport can also take one of the local "Chicken Buses".  These are inexpensive, but they tend to be slow and do not usually run on a regular schedule.  They may also be difficult to use for anyone who has a large amount of luggage.