A short but well worth visiting attraction is the memorial to the unknown sailor, it can be found inside the city looking out over the sea. In fact it is a memorial to the sailors who attempted to defend Odessa on land from the advancing Nazi army in 1941, there was no army in the town at the time.

Although  worth a quick visit just to see the memorial with its tall needle and perpetual flame what is most interesting is the uniformed guard. It is made up of groups of school children in military uniform (including guns): the guard is changed every 15 mins and is one of the best photo opportunities in the city. An honor guard of four brings the next four actual guards down the long approach and the guard changes with military precision. Every school in the city takes its turn training for a week before their turn and it is taken very seriously. an impressive and moving "least people should forget" style memorial that would find a place of honor in many other cities round the world, take 30 mins to visit ,its worth it