Where to go for a morning coffee in Odessa?

This is locals TOP-5 earlybird coffee points:

Opened as a 24/7 street café, "Coffee Shop" is conveniently located in the open-air market on Deribasovskaya street, central and historical area of Odessa. "Coffee Shop" gathers an artistic youth as it was runned by friendly young couple addicted to good coffee. 

This city chain offers a wide range of coffee drinks, snacks, pastry and desserts - reasonably priced and nicely styled. The centrally located "Merry Berry" on 38,Bunina street is good for checking your email (thanks to fast Internet connection) and a caramel latte. 
Open 8am-10pm daily. After 7pm - desserts 30% off.

The most picturesque and homelike cafe. Also the best Odessa baristas probably. The dark wood panels and shelves are decorated with antique mirrors, ringbells, retro pictures and vintage tableware - you feel yourself like at grandma's house. But "Zheto" was opened only 8 years ago instead of an old flower shop on Havanna street. From here tourists should start their "Old Odessa" route, because the area is fantastic and authentic. But let's get to the point - they brew excellent espresso daily from 8:30, and the carrot cake at "Zheto" is unbeatable - ask any odessan. 

4. Coffeetory cakes & Coffee.
Earlybirds love this coffee boutique! "Coffeetory" opens at 8 am and smiles to every early visitor. Take any cheesecake and that will be the right choice. Also you can ask for roasted beans and ground coffee to take - it is boutique!
Open 8am-9pm Mon-Fri; 10am-9pm Sat-Sun.

One more city chain which has 3 cafes and local loyalty. Sofiyevskaya street, Ekaterininskaya street and Grecheskaya street - right places for morning relax and a cup of coffee. Not the best, but served in style and tourist friendly.
In evening "SHIKO" turns into a relaxed setting for cocktails and a good preparty place.
Open 8:30am-12pm daily. 

Have a nice day!