Although Croatia has come a very long way in the past ten years since the Serb/Croat War in the early 1990's and is considered to be fairly safe for tourists by most standards, it is still wise for people visiting Split to use some common sense safety precautions to avoid the pick pockets and petty thieves that have been known to patrol the city's tourist areas:

  • Make use of your hotel's safe, keeping all extra cash, credit cards, and valuables safely put away.  Only carry as much cash as you need and if possible use a replaceable travelers debit card.
  • Men should not carry their wallets in their back pockets and women should pay careful attention to their bags while in crowds or when eating in restaurants.
  • Backpackers should take care that their packs are locked while they are on their backs.
  • It is best not to over tip or engage in other behaviors that might suggest that you are carrying a lot of money.  This goes for wearing a lot of expensive jewelry as well.