Mljet is a lovely island off the coast of Dubrovnik. It is often called "the greenest island" of Croatia. Mljet is a very long island with many villages, bays and it has two most beautiful sandy beaches; Saplunara and Blace, which are located on the south-east of the island. Only northwestern part of the island is a National Park and it is beautifully kept. National park makes less than 1/3 of the island and it is not the only thing this island has to offer!  National Park Mljet  is well known for the 2 salt water lakes and St. Mary islet with monastery on it. Besides the lakes, very interesting are the ruins of Roman palace in Polace and excavations of the St. Paul church, Odysseus cave and old villages where you can learn about local folklore. Mljet is very laid back island with a very small population. You really feel like you are in unspoiled wilderness and this is helped by the communities commitment to conservation. The public toilets are water-less eco toilets and many of the residents seem commited to self sustenance. Very helpful informations on www.mljet.hr and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mljet


If you are coming with your car, easiest way is to catch ferry from Prapratno, Peljesac. Ferry goes 5 times per day and it takes only 35 min. 

To reach Mljet from Dubrovnik catch the morning boat the "Nona Ana" from Dubrovnik's ferry terminal. The trip takes about 90 minutes and to go see the lakes get off at the second stop POLACE. First stop is in Sobra, in the main port of the island. From Polace you can buy admission to the park for 90 Kuna (30 for children).  Admission to the park includes a van ride from Polace to the interior and the two lakes and a boat to take you to/from the small island monastery (small island on the lake) where there is a pricy resturant but also swimming.

You can also catch a boat from Korcula to the town of Pomena or big ferry Liburnija that connects Mljet with Rijeka, Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik too ( it is great if you like island hopping) 

Once on the island, it is possible to rent small cars and scooters, right at the port. It is also possible to take taxi or even rent a boat!


There are a number of places to stay on Mljet and they are mostly run by families that have rooms and apartments to rent to tourists.  There is also one traditional hotel on the island in Pomena called Hotel Odisej. There is also camp in Ropa. You can find accommodation in every place on the island, close to the sea or even in old villages. It all depends if you prefer to be more isolated or not.

Most of the accomodations in the National Park are located in Pomena and Polace. However you can also stay in the nearby town of Soline (SO-lee-nay) for a vacation that is a little further away and a little bit lovelier. Soline is 3 km from the van drop off point and here there are a row of houses that offer acoomodations as well as food. Often the food served is locally caught fish and locally grown produce.  On the island there is even a small vineyard where people grow grapes and then make their own wine. You can also find accommodation in Babine Kuce, Njivice which are settled on the lakes or in beatiful Goveđari village.

There is a very tiny and not well stocked market at the ven drop off point so it is advisable to bring some of your own food for lunches.

If you are staying more days on Mljet (highly recommend) you will find supermarket in Pomena, Polače, two in Babino Polje and Sobra to get your supplies.

Restaurants have been set-up in every place on the island. Don't expect any menus just ask them what they have and trust it will be delicious seafood.


There are many trails to wonder all around the island. From Babino Polje to Maranovici is great road close to the sea. Also interesting is hiking on Veliki Grad and Montokuc. There is a well maintained path bordering the lakes that makes walking, running or biking easy and beautiful. At Polace and Pomena you can rent bicycles for about 100 Kuna a day and biking in the area is fun because there aren't a lot of hills. You can also rent a canoe on the lakes! The lake water is particularly warm - though just the right temperature to cool you off on a hit day. There are two lakes the larger lake "Veliko Jezero" has the island monastery and the smaller lake "Malo Jezero" is known for it's exceptionally warm waters. There is scuba diving center in Pomena and it is possible to rent a boat in Prozura Port.


There are only two ATMs on the island and both are in the National Park, but there are 3 post offices and no banks. 

Staying on the island for 1 day will not give you much chance to see the entire island. Many tourists come only for a one day visit from Dubrovnik, but they are focused only on the Park area.