International Flights 

Borg El Arab (HBE) airport is Alexandria's main airport. A taxi, anout E £100-200 takes about an hour to reach the centre of Alexandria.

El Nozha Airport (ALY) is the old airport for Alexandria and is just inside the city of Alexandria. It is close indefinitely for past 6 years.

Most planes flying into Egypt arrive in Cairo, which is the country’s largest air hub. American airlines only fly there through partnerships with European airlines. So if you’re coming in from the United States, plan to stop over in Frankfurt, London, or another European city. Direct flights not originating from the U.S. may be found through Egypt Air, Air France, British Airways, and KLM. Flights from the United States are expensive, as well. Round-trip from New York to Egypt can cost as much as $2,000. But package deals that include both airfare and hotel can be a more affordable option. From Cairo, you can get to Alexandria on a train, a bus, or an Egypt Air flight to El Nozha Airport.

Customs and Immigration 

When arriving in Egypt, you may be subject to strict customs checks but it is more usual for visitors not to have their bags inspected. The authorities are particularly concerned with the import of religious materials, antiques, medicine, firearms, and electronic equipment. There seems to be no problem with prescription medications, but you should take the usual precautions by carrying the prescription with you. There are no restrictions on bringing in or taking out foreign currency.  The limit for Egyptian pounds (LE) is 5,000. Also, make sure your paperwork is in order. Citizens of the most western countries get their visitor visa at the airport on arrival at a cost of US$15. Have the right money in cash, otherwise you get the change in LE (at poor exchange rates). 

Getting to Alexandria from Cairo

Egypt Air flies from Cairo Domestic Airport to Alexandria, but this is not the most popular way to get to Alexandria from Cairo. The two popular choices for tourists to get to Alexandria from Cairo are by train or private car.

You can arrange a private car (basically, a hire car with driver) at Cairo International Airport to take you to your destination, such as a hotel. Negotiate a price and your driver will take you to the car. These cars are usually good condition, recent models with air conditioning, but you should always check you are happy with the car before you get in. There are two main roads and your driver may ask which route you prefer - Desert Road or Agricultural Road. There are more things to see on the 'agricultural road' as it follows the Nile and so there are more towns and farming areas. The roads in Egypt are notoriously dangerous - both condition of the road and standard of driving. Don't be surprised to pass broken-down, over-loaded vehicles and even overturned vehicles en route between Cairo and Alexandria.

If you are staying in central Cairo it is easy to travel to Alexandria by train. There are two main stations in Alexandria - Sidi Gaber and Misr station, which is the main Alexandria station end of the line.  For those on a day trip, Misr station is about 5 minutes' walking distance from the Roman Amphitheatre at Kom El Dikka.

Timetables for trains can be found on the Egyptian Railroads website

It is also possible to take different types of bus from Airport. The stop for shared taxi /minibus between Cairo and Alexandria is near Tamses Train station. There is also a large bus station in Alexandria for inter-city travel within Egypt.