The city of Sousse does not have a dedicated tourist board, but the Tunisian Tourism Office will certainly be able to help you with information on the ancient city, plus offer information on other places of interest in the North African country. Their official Web site, which is in English, offers an easy to use interface and provides a plethora of facts, sites to see, tips for travelers and more including a lot of information on Sousse.

The Tourism Office published brochures on various places and cities to visit and these can be obtained through any Tunisian Tourism Office, or at the offices in Tunisia. They are available in several languages including English.

You can write to the American branch of the Tunisian Tourism office at: 1515 Massachusetts Avenue Washington DC 20005. They can be reach by phone at 202-466-2546, or via E-mail :

There are also tourism offices throughout the world including the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Poland, as well as many other countries. The headquarters can be reached at: Tunisian National Tourism Office, 1, Ave. Mohamed V – 1001Tunis, Tunisia. By phone at 216-71 341077